Kachifo Limited, publishers of Farafina Books, is proud to announce the 1Z0-519 forthcoming release of JUNE 12, 1993: THE ANNULMENT the second instalment in the historical graphic novel series by Abraham Oshoko. The book tells the important and intriguing story of one of the most important days in Nigeria’s history, June 12 1993 and the events surrounding it. viagra indiaRelease date is June 12, 2013 in states across Nigeria. ABOUT THE BOOK On the 12th of June 1993, a presidential election, adjudged free and fair viagra soft tabs 100 mg by an overwhelming majority of observers, took place in Nigeria. A few days after, its results were suspended; and barely a week later, Nigerians were given a new word to add to

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their vocabulary: ‘annulment’. What really happened in those tumultuous days between June and November 1993? For the first time ever, the full story, with its intricacies, intrigue and complexities, is told from the perspectives of all its major players, in this full-colour graphic novel. JUNE 12 1993: ANNULMENT is the second in this multi-volume series by Abraham Oshoko. JUNE 12, 1993: THE ANNULMENT can be pre-ordered by emailing orders@kachifo.com, calling 2348077364217 or

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tweeting at us: @farafinabooks Upon release, JUNE 12, 1993: THE ANNULMENT will be available in all major bookstores across the country. June 12, 1993: The Annulment brideswhisper By Abraham Oshoko ISBN: 978-978-51084-4-6 Published in 2013 by Kachifo Limited, under its Farafina imprint 1Z0-541

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